Fly Away

In this series I use techniques such as free lensing and multiple exposures to create a dream like effect, much like the way the years passing through childhood feel. These techniques also create an enchanted, whimsical world that can only be felt and experienced in a child's imagination. In these images I capture of my daughter, I hope to recreate what it feels like to be a child, lost in an imaginative world of play.

You come to me in the midst of chaos. Your older brothers are growing up, becoming teenagers, and you are still so very small. You find me at my desk, and I see you cupping two white roses in your small dirty hands. You say "momma, momma, these are for you." They have been plucked with no stem and you look deep into my eyes and say with the softest sweetest voice, "I went outside in the freezing cold with no coat to pick these all for you." Your voice trembles and the thought of being in the cold makes you shudder. I almost believe you but I know this is not true. These roses came from the table in the living room. And yet, I let you pull me into this imaginary world of yours. I let myself believe. I step into this blurred world where no one knows what is real and what is imagined. Where you are queen of the butterflies, dancing in the field of light. You have let me step in so many times. An escape to wonderland where anything is possible. An escape from my very real world of children growing up. Where fairies do exist in the grass you dance in. Where you fly away, and come back. Where time is irrelevant. It is usually evening when we slip away. When I follow you to the field of light right outside our house. When magic comes to life and you let me feel what it is to be a child again. In this magical place, we escape together.